About Us

Dear Reader,

My name is SHAFQAT SHEHZAD and I am the Founder of houselavish.com.

This site was born from my great passion for Sport, for Sporting Hobbies, and all that technological part that never before is becoming essential even for those who practice Sports.

The idea is to bring you quality content: Guides, Tutorials, Reviews of sports products, and Curiosities in the Sports field, hence the name of the site.

What will we talk about on Houselavish.com?

I decided to start this website to disclose my experiences to those approaching different activities for the first time, we will talk about the different types of equipment needed, the best places to train as well as some guides to performing simple Tricks on different boards.

We will talk about passions and Sports, the goal is to expand the portal to different topics, with the help of different writers who will each occupy one or more Competence Sports.

In the first years of our life our Main topics were about Sports on Boards, as users began to arrive we added new categories and treated topics of a different nature.

Today we have a large slice of articles dedicated to Cycling, Trekking, Excursions, a section dedicated to games and toys for children (mostly sports-themed), a section on gaming tables, other sections relating to winter sports and sports. Summer, with advice for those who love snow and for those who love the sea.

Has the site changed its name?

Yes, we have just made a change of Domain name and we have switched to a Faster Server, if you have arrived on this page from the old domain: Tavolesportive.com, everything is normal, do not worry.

To better reflect the categories covered and to solve some technical problems, we decided to change the name from Sports Tables to Sports Corner.

The Site Migration is still in progress and we are moving one page at a time.

We are also taking advantage of the opportunity to update all content to today’s date.

If you have arrived from the old Domain you will also have noticed a change of Design, in short, I have a great job to do these days, and in case you find pages not available at the moment or 404 errors I ask you to have a moment of patience, I will solve every detail in the shortest possible time.

All these changes will lead to:

  • Greater Quality of Content
  • A better organization of the contents within the site and therefore easier to find
  • Faster Pages to Load from both Mobile and Desktop
  • New content on Sport not available on the site at the moment
  • Contents Always Updated

Are you passionate about sports? Would you like to write for Houselavish.com?

We are always looking for aspiring writers who we want to prove themselves and learn or experienced writers.

The only requirement is to know the sport you would like to write about, we will start with some test articles and if we are both satisfied we can start a long-term collaboration, obviously you will be paid by issuing a regular invoice.